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Philips Speakers - DSP 45U

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    DSP 45U
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    Description for Philips Speakers - DSP 45U

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    Product Overview
    Philips DSP 45U Speakers Overview
    Use these high fidelity speakers to hear the difference. They sport a bass reflex design and can be connected to multiple devices at a time. They boast of a virtual surround sound processing system that gives you an unparalleled music experience. Let your rhythmic mood set in with these speakers as you enjoy the beats with the clarity they deserve.

    Key Features:
    • Bass Reflex Design
    • Plays Multiple Devices at One Time
    • Virtual Surround Sound Processing
    • Quick Set-Up
    • 40W RMS Power
    Technical Specifications :
    • Play MP3 audio songs from USB pen drive.
    • Play MP3 audio songs from memory cards.
    • Enjoy music from your USB/SD storage device up to 32GB.
    • Start from the last song played when same USB/SD device played again.
    • Full function USB/SD dedicated keys on remote and subwoofer.
    • Connects to DVD and CD players, TV, PC and MP3 and any other device at a time.
    • Remote control - One touch selection for any device in your living room.
    • Auto selection for MP3 ready connectivity. Plug in your device and it starts playing from front/Top MP3 in.
    • Dedicated 3.5mm stereo plug on subwoofer to play your mobile phone, media player etc
    • Cables for connecting all your devices.
    • Custom tuning for all types of devices.
    • Surround sound theatre effect for any audio input you connect.
    • System Requirements: Wooden Hi Fidelity Sound, Multiple Connectivity, 40W RMS Power
    Technical Specifications of Philips DSP 45U Speakers
    Brand : Philips
    Model : DSP 45U
    Type : Speakers
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